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Are you filling up your plate with enough fruits and vegetables each day? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is likely no. But what we eat plays a significant role in colon health, preventing diseases, and more.

Eating the rainbow is surely golden for our health and well-being, yet prioritizing nutrient-dense foods can feel challenging. But serving up more vegetables and fruits doesn’t have to feel like torment. Learn how to add more color to your diet in fresh, delicious ways with our expert tips and recipes.

How to Add More Fruits & Veggies

Colorectal Cancer: Know the Facts, Save Lives

A colonoscopy might not be high on your to-do list. But consider the following facts:

1. Colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in the U.S.
2. Early onset cases (before age 50) continue to rise
3. In our region, an estimated 27.6% of people who are eligible for a colonoscopy haven't scheduled their screening, and more than half of colorectal cancer cases aren't detected until late stages
4. Colorectal cancer is one of the most treatable cancers when detected early
5. Screening at recommended times can even prevent colorectal cancer

Are You at Risk for Colorectal Cancer?

What’s Causing Your Shoulder Discomfort?

Are you suffering from pain or stiffness in your shoulder? It could stem from one of these 5 common shoulder injuries. Find out what could be causing your shoulder symptoms – and what to do next – from Northern Michigan's shoulder expert, Matthew Dubiel, MD, a fellowship-trained shoulder surgeon at Munson Orthopedic Institute.

5 Common Shoulder Conditions

Lemon Broccoli Pesto

Looking for a new, fresh way to add more vegetables to your meals? Try this broccoli-based pesto. Made with creamy yogurt and bright lemon, this nutrient-packed sauce is sure to add extra zest to your meals.

Get the Recipe

Helping Hands Needed!

Munson Medical Center is looking for volunteers to help greet and escort our patients, bring comfort to hospice patients and their families, and fill a variety of other roles. If you’re in the Traverse City area, please consider giving your gift of time. Just a few hours of your kindness makes a huge difference for our patients, their loved ones, and our Healthcare Team! Meet new friends, stay active, and be part of a great community.

Volunteer with Us

Upcoming Classes & Events

 Matter of Balance Class: Managing Concerns About Falls 

Thursdays, April 6 - May 25 | 10 - Noon | Grand Traverse Bay YMCA (West)

Learn practical ways to increase your activity to prevent falls in this free 8-week program.
Space is limited.

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