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A Smartwatch Provides a Timely Heart Diagnosis for Doctor

Last November, Munson Medical Center’s Chief Medical Officer, Walt Noble, MD, received a buzz from his smartwatch. But instead of a usual notification, it was an alert that his heart rate was low. After a quick pulse check, Dr. Noble confirmed that his heart was beating slower. Acting quickly, Dr. Noble sought immediate help – and what his colleagues helped uncover was a potentially life-threatening condition that required immediate attention.

“I spent four decades instructing patients what to do post-surgery, so you better believe I checked with my doctor first,” the former general surgeon explains. “Munson has such a skilled cardiology team, and the technology is so advanced that by Monday I was feeling back to normal.”

Learn more about Dr. Noble’s life-changing experience and his top recommendation for understanding your current health status.

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Saving Lives One Screening at a Time

Registered Mammography Technologist Sue Lee, RT(R)(M) has been helping women fight breast cancer for decades. A recognizable face in the community, Sue has dedicated her career to helping women feel as comfortable as possible during their annual breast cancer screenings.

Using advanced 3D mammography – the most advanced diagnostic screening tool available – Sue takes a series of digital X-ray images that help detect any abnormalities that could be cancerous.

“It’s important to schedule this screening every year so early cancers can be detected before they spread to surrounding tissue,” Sue says. “A 15-minute mammography screening just once a year is one of the simplest, but important acts of self-love a woman can give herself.”

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Cardiologist Dino Recchia, MD, Is Committed to Connection

Our new brand campaign, Committed to You, celebrates the many unique ways our healthcare team members are dedicated to our communities. For Cardiologist Dino Recchia, MD, the heart of his commitment is patient-centered care.

“I believe the highest calling one can have is to serve. And after visiting Munson during my search for a place to practice, I knew instinctively that because of the people, the place, and the mission, this was where I belonged.

In my eyes, commitment is about the process, not the outcome. It’s about bringing our best to every situation, every time. I am fortunate to be part of a very special team committed to delivering cardiovascular care of the highest quality. Together we serve our patients, each other, and our mission to improve lives with a deep sense of purpose and compassion. The best part of my work is the connection I feel with my patients and coworkers. The science of medicine is fascinating, but it's these special connections that give my work its unique texture and color.”

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Prepare for Your Adventures

Planning to travel abroad? Don't forget to schedule your travel health appointment with Munson Healthcare Occupational Health & Medicine! The travel clinic offers customized consultations to make sure you’re fully equipped with the appropriate immunizations and preparation to help you avoid illness and disease during your travels, especially if you are traveling to Africa, Asia, or Latin America. Appointments are best scheduled 4 to 6 weeks in advance of your trip to help give vaccines time to become effective.

Travel Health Services

Feeling Sick? Get Care Quick!

Northern Michigan is seeing an increase in the flu, colds, COVID-19, and other upper respiratory infections. If you’re not feeling well, get the care you need quickly with Munson Healthcare’s Virtual Urgent Care service.

With Virtual Urgent Care, you’re able to be seen by a provider from the comfort of home. Virtual Urgent Care is available to patients ages 3+ in Michigan or Florida and you can reserve your spot right online!

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Upcoming Events at Munson Healthcare

 Advance Care Planning Workshops

Do your loved ones know your care preferences if a medical emergency leaves you unable to communicate? Register for one of our free upcoming workshops to learn what advance care planning includes and how to choose the best advocates.

Thurs., Mar. 7 | 5 - 6 pm | Online - Register Here

Tues., Mar. 13 | 4 - 5 pm | Online - Register Here

Thurs., Apr. 18 | 8 - 9 am | Online - Register Here