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If your goals in the new year include getting healthier, you might use the scale as your go-to measurement for success. But your weight won't tell you whether you're at increased risk for conditions like heart disease or diabetes. And it can't detect things like cancer or bone density.

Knowing your important health markers – like cholesterol and blood sugar – is critical for optimal health. Be sure to schedule your annual wellness exam and follow your primary care provider's recommendations for age-appropriate screenings. If you don't have a family provider or you're shopping for a new one, use our Find-A-Doc tool.

5 Reasons to Schedule Your Checkup

The Top 5 Winter Trauma Injuries Our EDs See

The cold weather comes with extra precautions needed to stay safe. Learn about the top injuries seen in our emergency departments, and what you can do to help prevent them.

The 5 Most Common Winter Trauma Injuries

Get Help with Sniffles and Coughs!

With sickness in the air this winter, it can be challenging to determine what to do next about your sniffles, cough, or other symptoms. When you have health questions, turn to Munson Healthcare’s Ask-A-Nurse hotline. Click the button below to learn more or call 231-935-0951 to talk to a registered nurse free of charge. 

How Ask-A-Nurse Can Help

More Mental Health Care Coming to Northern Michigan

Munson Healthcare is partnered with Pine Rest, Michigan State University, and the state to pioneer a new psychiatric rural residency program that features two residents now working part-time at Munson Healthcare. The program’s goal is to bring more behavioral health resources to areas such as northern Michigan. Learn more about this great new program below.

Rural Psychiatric Residency Program

Upcoming Events at Munson Healthcare

Long COVID Support Group
A support group for people experiencing lingering COVID-19 symptoms
following their initial illness.
Thurs, Feb. 2 | 5-6:30 pm | ONLINE 

Munson Healthcare | 1105 Sixth St. | Traverse City, MI 49684 
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